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Unlike most other Affiliate Program, we do not pay once for a sale, but continuous payment throughout the subscription period of the customer who subscribed through you on all the services we offer.

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Continuous earnings

You get a continuous profit on every payment made by the customer, 20% fixed for each payment.


$10 subscription gift

You get a $10 gift when you sign up for the first time, without any conditions and without any fees.


90 days of life affiliate cookies

You will get a profit for any payment even if the customer takes 90 days to purchase any service!


Track your customers

A dashboard to know the number of visits, the number of buyers for each service, and the number of clicks.



There are no limits on your earnings. The ability to withdraw when the allowed withdrawal limit is reached by providing multiple payment methods.


Monthly reports

Monthly reports automatically sent to your e-mail about profits, visits, clicks, etc

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Frequently asked questions about edurema Affiliate program ?

What is Hostrea affiliate program?

An affiliate program is a partnership opportunity that anyone can consider participating in. The program stimulates the endeavors of our partners to promote our business with a large commission for each sale of any of the services on our website. Each partner is given an exclusive link that can be sent to potential customers either by sharing the link on social media or directly on an existing website. Any visitor who clicks on the link is then given a unique cookie, if a customer purchases any of our services while an existing cookie is associated with an affiliate partner who is already registered with edurema, we will issue a commission on every payment made by the customer for the duration of their subscription of $20.

What commission will I get and how is it calculated ?

After subscribing to our affiliate marketing program and obtaining your link, and when a user of your link enters our website and purchases products, you will get 20% on each payment made by this customer repeatedly and not once.

For example: the customer purchases a web hosting service for a year at a value of $60. This means that your profit rate is equal to 20% = $12, and if the customer renews the hosting in the following year at the same price, you will get 20% again, and the profit value is calculated throughout Non-stop customer subscription period.

The profit value is calculated on each payment process, whether it is monthly, quarterly, semi-annual, annual or any other period, and is applied to all services and products that we offer without exception.

When will I withdraw my profits and what are the minimum and maximum withdrawal limits?

You can monitor your profits through a simple and easy-to-use dashboard to know the number of visits, the number of clicks, the number of subscribers through your link, and the total profits. When you sign up for the commission marketing program for the first time, you get a gift of $10, and you can withdraw your profits when you reach $100 more, and there is no Maximum withdrawal. Your profits are transferred through the payment methods available on the website through customized payment methods that are agreed upon with you.

The transfer of profits can be done automatically, just inform us of your preferred payment method, and we will transfer the value of your profits automatically without asking for it when you reach the minimum profit, which is equivalent to $ 100.

Profits are calculated and added to your balance after the service that the customer purchased has passed for more than 45 days, and no refund has been requested from the customer.

Do I need to be an existing edurema customer to join the affiliate program?

of course not! Everyone can join our affiliate program whether they are an existing customer of our services or have not purchased any services or products, the advantage of joining our affiliate program while being our customer at the same time is that you are given an additional option to pay for your web hosting service using Any approved affiliate commissions, it only requires that you create a user account to join the affiliate marketing program.

Can the commission marketing program be calculated for the services that I buy for myself?

This is not acceptable, because the commission is calculated only for inviting other people who purchase services from Hostrina, so your profits are calculated for other customers who have purchased services through your link.

How much can I expect to earn from edurema affiliate program?

edurema does not place any limit on the number of referred clients who purchase services from our website using your link. Therefore, the earning potential through our referral program is basically unlimited, and you can earn a lot without any limits.

How can I join edurema affiliate program ?

You can easily join by going to the top of this capacity and clicking on Subscribe now, or through your account console, then clicking on Activate Joining the Affiliate Marketing Program, you will be transferred directly to your affiliate program information page and display your link.

Are fees increased for the customer who subscribed through me ?

Of course not, no additional fees have been charged to any customer who purchases services through a special link, and the customer also does not have any notice that you have obtained profits in exchange for purchasing services.

What if there are promotions or discounts, will my commission account be affected ?

We apply commission based on every payment transaction and not every sale, you get your commission whether there is a promotion or not.

Do you provide special discount coupons that I can use for my customers?

Of course not, no additional fees have been charged to any customer who purchases services through a special link, and the customer also does not have any notice that you have obtained profits in exchange for purchasing services.

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