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Mobile applications

High School - Multiple Teachers

Edurema secondary school multi-teachers learning management system, suitable for educational centers to manage online education, manage teachers and assistants, management team, manage students and courses, a system that gives you advanced features to create a multi-teacher online educational website.

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$30 USD
Mobile applications

High School - One Teacher

Start your educational platform with a website that represents subject you teach, and manage your students to the fullest. You can manage courses, students, and assistants, and publish your scientific content to the whole world with restrictions that you set for students, professional tools to publish your courses online, and stay in touch with your students all the time.

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$20 USD
Mobile applications

Mobile applications

Get mobile applications for your educational system, to keep in touch with your students from all types of devices, applications suitable for the Google Play and Apple Store platforms, developed to include all the features of the learning management system for students, the applications and the website include the same database.

Start from
$200 USD

Why choose Edurema Systems

Edurema learning management systems..are systems that have been developed for all teachers and various educational centers for all stages of basic, secondary and university education, training centers and online lecture whose mission is to build an integrated website with your data for your educational work, do not share in your profits, without fees for numbers Students or teachers, with your own brand and design your entire website according to your desires with dozens of advantages that you get when you get our educational system.

Educational platform in minutes

In less than 5 minutes, you get your educational website in simple steps, where you choose the appropriate system for you, then choose the domain and fill in the data, and our system automatically installs the system on your site and start using it immediately.

Full control

Control your website as you want after installation by changing the design, changing the logo, writing your business data, designing website pages, and managing your settings with a very easy and smooth control panel without any difficulties.

Various Systems

Edurema learning management system is not one system, it is 8 completely different systems from each other according to the educational stage and at the level of one teacher, team or educational center, and each system has its own function.

Mobile Apps

Edurema Learning Management System offers mobile applications to your students, whether it is Android or iOS, where you can upload your application to the App Store and make students enjoy your educational website through applications.

Technical Support

We provide technical support to all our clients at a high level of professionalism, from educational lessons to using the system, direct chat, telephone communication, and our support system to communicate with our experienced engineers to solve problems and inquiries.

Various plans

We have provided various plans in terms of hosting your website to suit the size of your business, so there is no need to pay for something that you will not benefit from.. Choose the appropriate hosting plan for the size of your business and you can upgrade or downgrade the plan at any time.

Long Experiences

Edurema is an Big Update of a previous educational system that was built in 2016 by expert teachers from different regions and with studies and research spanning more than 6 years, making the educational system one of the best global systems. Which knows needs of student and teacher together.

Strong Secure Servers

We host your educational website on servers specially prepared for the educational field, with German quality and infrastructure, and a connection speed of up to 10 gigabits per second. We guarantee your website work around the clock without stopping with our server management experts.

What our clients say about us?

In the second quarter of 2021, the number of our clients reached more than 750 teachers and educational centers worldwide. We have made a great effort to make our clients proud to work with us, and we are also proud to present a product that has won the admiration of leading teachers and education experts all over the world.

لقد عملت فى مجال التعليم الأونلاين على مدار سنين النظام الاكثر سهولة واحترافية هو نظام إيديو ريما، بما يحتوى على التحديث المستمر والدعم الفنى الرائع والتواصل السريع والأسعار الجيدة.. شكرا لفريق عملكم.

أحمد مندور - مدرس كيمياء - ثانوية عامة - مصر
أحمد مندور - مدرس كيمياء - ثانوية عامة - مصر

We now have 4 educational websites, all of which operate on the edurema systems and are browsed by thousands of students. I see that edurema systems has achieved our goals of presenting very important educational materials in complete safety. thanks

Daniel Logan - Educational center manager - United  States
Daniel Logan - Educational center manager - United States

I am really happy with the use learning management system Edurema. It has achieved all of our business goals and we are happy to work on it and my assistants and I will continue to work on this system throughout my teaching term.

Deniz Berat - science teacher - Turkey
Deniz Berat - science teacher - Turkey

We are excited to receive your call!

We are available around the clock and ready to receive your call about inquiries or requesting a new system.. The sales and technical support team is available around the clock. If you have any inquiry or request, do not hesitate to contact us.

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